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Our corporation was established in 1989 and has been carrying on its production on 4000 m² field in Konya with its 50 person experienced staff and with franchising network in many countries offer-ing turn-key solutions to the customers on flour and semolina production plants. Our company is continually renewed itself since it was established, supported by CAD-CAM CNC lathes machine course enriched. In addition, advanced technology, produc-tion-class machines and systems that produced the margin of error to zero by applying the %100 attract control. In addition, accurate and fastest machines to allow the painting to a paint unit in the latest tech-nology, adapting to rapid and efficient production system and supply of spare parts to customers that will allow rapid spare parts store, a modern and er-gonomic operation, taking the world as of today its products at the point where is exported to 32 coun-tries have become
Sanver Engineering was founded in 2010 in Bursa Turkey. >> Our expertise is in industrial automation systems and solutions. >> We provide services with our turnkey projects. >> We are serving the automotive, food, glass sector. >> We are the Cognex system integrator. >> We present our solutions under one R & D: >> Design and manufacturing >> Robotic applications >> PLC and PC software >> Image processing (Vision) systems >> i4.0 Projects
Founded in 1987, our company is the first and only manufacturer of aerosol and liquid filling machines that are used in the cosmetic industryin Turkey. The machines over 650 are used by Turkey and abr
Flocking Machine, managed by a professional team specializing in each of the institutionalization and, in recent years made great strides in ISO 9001:2008 quality management system operates within the framework of, the quality approach has revealed that at the point that came as a result of; Automotive, Tractors, locomotives, wagons, Textile Machinery spare parts, construction machinery spare parts, Cement-Mineral-spare parts for sugar mills, hot forging and hair patterns, shaping and processing, Hair cutting, bending, drilling and welding operations, ductile iron-peak-steel-Bronze-stainless-aluminum casting and machining metal or be formed of its activities in all sectors where they are processed, without compromising on the principles of unconditional customer satisfaction continues. In its early years, makes and producing spare parts for the automotive industry special machine spare parts, our company has developed rapidly, the existing production activities; tractor spare parts was also solid, and in 1994 originated in the considerable degree of institutionalization.Busan industrial areas where the business currently carried on in 1999 flocking machine operates with a variety of different products to overseas market was opened in the year 2000. In the process, in the domestic market globally and continuously developing the innovative character of information that we have with our company supports production-level CNC punching, Cnc Press brakes, hydraulic forming presses, eccentric presses, CNC lathe, CNC vertical machining, in addition to investments in machine tools, Cnc 5-axis vertical machining, CNC 4-axis vertical machining, Cnc 4-axis horizontal machining, CNC vertical lathe, in addition to the C-axis CNC turning machines into the body by using the possibilities of the latest technology in the production of machining and chipless manufacturing expanded its product range has revealed differences in the next. We watch our professional approach and our corporate culture,based on experience and knowledge with business logic,which is the requirement of the era of technology investment with strong capital and the source of the success of its sector,which has become the current machine from a reputable brand, this development will continue with strength and faith from you.
GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. jointed the structure of GURIS Holding when it was founded in 1984 with name Guris Export Import and Marketing Co. Inc. The company, which underwent a change of name in 2010 and became GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. focused on concrete mixing plants and crushing & screening plants by correctly analyzing the facts of the country and the world since its foundation. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having achieved many worldwide successes in its field made significant contributions to the growth of the company along with other Holding Companies. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having gained expertise on Concrete Mixing Plants and Crushing & Screening Plants became one of the enterprises that not only caught up with contemporary technology but also developed and produced this technology worldwide under its brand name. In addition to stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants, it succeeded in outcompeting its competitors about development of crushing & screening plants according to need and their foundation on a turnkey delivery basis and became operational worldwide. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., one of the favorite enterprises of GURIS Holding, after having made an agreement with the Japanese Furukawa Company, soon became one of the most important worldwide solutions partners in the field of Hydraulic Crawler Drills and Rock Breakers. The quality of the service given worldwide in the field of spare parts and service is one of the most significant successes of GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. In addition to being one of the leading enterprises of GURIS Holding and our country both in the past and in the future, GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. also aims to strengthen its infrastructure, make more investments on Research and Development and produce more efficient products for its worldwide customers with purpose of delivering its operations and products to the whole world.